mercredi 30 décembre 2009

Daïtro en pause

Le groupe de screamo français Daïtro s'accorde un hiatus afin de se concentrer sur d'autres projets. Message du groupe dans le post complet.

hi everyone

time to give some news...
First of all, about the different releases of Y.
It will be soon out on LP on Clean Plate for the USA, let's say beginning of 2010. You can also get the CD via No Idea and Ebulltion if you live there.
The Japanese press is one more time taken care by Oto records and is out now.
Utarid Tapes will press some tapes that will be distributed everywhere.

Talking about records, Vinyl Collected for Oto is still delayed because of the video section. NTSC vs PAL formats make the whole process very complicated to have this release done.

And... some echoes from the past! You won't believe it but our old record Des Cendres Je Me Consumme will be pressed on vinyl for the first time. Nico / Music Fear Satan will take care of it in the beginning of 2010.

About upcoming shows and tours well, you probably already noticed but we're making a pause with the band. So we unfortunately won't be able to do the split w/our dear buddies Daniel Striped Tiger and won't plan to tour or play shows either. The band has been active for almost 10 years and time has come to focus on new musical projects and/or new lives too. It doesn't mean the band is dead though, it basically just means it won't exist as it used to be. Let's call it hiatus for an undecided length of time and let's see what will happen !

aurelien, benoit, gwen, julien & sam

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