lundi 3 décembre 2018

Lower Than Atlantis : fin de l'histoire en mai 2019...

Lower Than Atlantis arrêtront l'aventure après 12 ans de carrière et 3 dernières dates qui auront lieu en mai 2019 en Angleterre. Message officiel à lire après le saut.

Hi everyone As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been pretty quiet over the last few months. The reason behind that is we’ve had some stuff going on behind the scenes in LTA world. Here it is... After much deliberation, we’ve heavy heartedly decided to take a break from the band. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but we feel that it’s definitely the right one and one we hope everyone can learn to accept and respect. We’ve had an absolutely unimaginable 11 years making and playing music for people who have completely changed our lives for the better and we honestly can’t thank you enough for that. But we feel that we’d be doing all of you a disservice continuing this way. We want to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to every single one of you for the unfaltering support we’ve received over the duration of our musical lives so far. We feel SO fucking privileged, honoured and lucky that we were able to achieve the things we have over the years. We managed to surpass all expectations and live beyond our wildest dreams ...and it’s all thanks to the fans of this band. So for that - thank you. We all have very exciting new projects in the works that we can’t wait to share with you. We’re also going to be playing the best shows we ever have which are planned for May and a song that was recorded, produced and mixed by Mike and Ben from the band to coincide with them. Let’s give LTA the send off she deserves! I wouldn’t even know where to begin explaining just how truly grateful we are so we’ll just have to show you on stage. Lower Than Atlantis 2007 - Forever
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