jeudi 16 août 2018

Frank Iero (ex-my Chemical Romance) tease son nouveau groupe !

Fin mai dernier, Frank Iero (ex-My Chemical Romance) annonçait via Instagram être au travail sur un nouvel album avec des nouveaux musiciens ! Des personnes avec qui ils rêvaient de travailler depuis des années, sans les nommer, avec lesquels il a enregsitré des démos. Une première photo du nouveau groupe que l'on connait pour l'instant sous le hastag #FIATFV pour Frank Iero And The F. V. (comme pour ces deux précédents projets : frnkiero andthe cellabration, puis Frank Iero And The Patience) a été posté cette semaine via Instagram. Quel sera le nom complet de ce nouveau groupe ? Qui en seront les invités ? Réponse bientôt...
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der frends, my apologies for being out of contact this past week, but so much has happened! ive been busy and i feel i must fill you in a little.... i’m happy to inform you that work has begun on the next chapter! i have been privileged and honored to get to play with some musicians i have wanted to start a band with for over 10 years, and it was beyond any expectation i could possibly have had (but i’m not going to fully ruin that surprise just yet) i will say demos are afoot, and i can’t stop grinning like a fuhking maniacal idiot. 2! i found a frog in my house and captured him in a yellow cup. i named him fred savage and released him into the nj wild. i like to think he’s currently smoking frog cigarettes, in a professional building for frogs, talking to a frog therapist about his bizarre abduction experience. on saturday, i got to see the mighty Misfits play an arena in what is basically my home town, Newark NJ. and i must say it was such beautiful magical chaos i could just explode. (i wasn’t allowed to take pictures however, so here’s a photo of Darryll from the office reading a Newspaper with a Danzig headline.) And last but not least, i got these crazy and amazingly comfortable new shoes in the mail (that no one likes but me...however everyone is being super nice and supportive about it) they look as if someone’s grandmother knitted a police sketch of a facehugger from alien and i love them so very very much. And that’s not everything! there’s so much more that im not gonna bombard you with now. but seriously, pretty solid week! so stay tuned and keep the faith. until we speak/type again -🖤🖤🖤xofrnk&fredsavage
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