mercredi 25 juillet 2018

Suicide Silence : le guitariste Mark Heylmun prend du recul

Les deathcoreux californiens de Suicide Silence devraient sortir un nouvel album en 2019. Le groupe a joué la semaine dernière un nouveau morceau nommé "The One" et la vidéo de la performance est en ligne après le saut. A noter que le guitariste de Darkest Hour, Lone Star, remplaçait ce soir-là Mark Heylmun, qui a décidé de se mettre en retrait du groupe pour un petit moment histoire de se ressourcer. Il a déclaré qu'il reviendrait dans le groupe lorsque le moment serait venu.

So the cat is outta the bag... I’m not on tour with the band. I’ve been on radical sabbatical since about February of this year. I just feel I need a break to spend time with my family and give my mind and body the attention it deserves. I’ve abused myself for years and a member of my families health has got me aware of mortality and the length of time I may have on this earth. It landed me on the “it’s all or nothing” state of mind for the band... and right now the attention I am used to giving the band is not there. I am not in a bad way of any sort or in a depressed state, I just wanna listen to my heart and do what feels right. It has never steered me wrong in the past. So with that I’m still writing music, planning new ventures, and I WILL be back to ripping for SS when the time is right. Super stoked @lonestardh is filling in for me on #Ragefest. Peace & Love y’all!! 😘✌🏼❤️👽🔥
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