mardi 3 juillet 2018

Against Me ! : retour du bassiste Andrew Seward

la chanteuse Laura Jane Grace a confirmé que l'ex-bassiste Andrew Seward était de retour au sein d'Against Me!. Il avait quitté le groupe en 2013.

As some people may have noticed there’s been some change happening within @againstme recently and the shows we played in Detroit, Cleveland and Lansing a week ago were Andrew’s first shows back with the band in over 5 years. I don’t really know how to succinctly explain the reasons behind this happening so I’m going to pass on trying. All I want to say is that I love Inge, am forever thankful for our time playing together and what I learned from it and wish him nothing but the best in life. Been going through a period of great change in general lately and this is probably not the last time this year I’m going to have to ask that people be understanding of a choice made, there’s no maliciousness behind my intentions, I just gotta go after what I want. We head back out on tour again last week of July and 1st week of August. Dates in my bio! Photo by @joeleonard
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