mardi 22 mai 2018

Avenged Sevenfold : tribute album et nouvel album !

Un tribute album à Avenged Sevenfold sortira prochainement avec un nouveau numéro du magazine Kerrang!. Artwork et tracklist de Hail To The Kings – A Tribute To Avenged Sevenfold à découvrir dans la suite et la version du titre "Shepherd Of Fire" par Fozzy est en écoute ICI (à partir de 1:47:58). En outre, le bassiste Johnny Christ a annoncé que le groupe commencera à composer son nouvel opus à partir de septembre/octobre prochain !

01 – Fozzy – “Shepherd Of Fire”
02 – SHVPES – “Scream”
03 – Betraying The Martyrs – “Bat Country”
04 – Upon A Burning Body – “Remenissions”
05 – Brutai – “Almost Easy”
06 – Charcoal Tongue – “Brompton Cocktail”
07 – Harbinger – “Burn It Down”
08 – As Everything Unfolds – “God Hates Us”
09 – Skywalker – “Afterlife”
10 – Sworn Amongst – “Second Heartbeat”
11 – I Fight Bears – “Unholy Confessions”
12 – Greyhaven – “Hail To The King”

"Right now, it's probaby a little bit more of getting our own ideas and just writing by ourselves in our studios and stuff at home, and then we'll probably throw all of those ideas away when we come up with what kind of idea we're gonna do. But, yeah, right now we're excited for the rest of this summer tour, and then we plan on pretty much hitting the ground running as soon as we get back and finish this tour in September. Probably September or October, we'll start really getting into the writing of a possible new record. And it'll be exciting. Not sure what it'll be."

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