jeudi 1 février 2018

Shields : décès du guitariste George Christie

Tristesse, on apprend aujourd'hui que le guitariste George Christie, des metalcoreux londoniens de Shields (que vous avez peut-être découverts vendredi 26 janvier dernier avant Escape The Fate), s'est donné la mort la nuit dernière... Le groupe prépare la sortie d'un nouvel album via Long Branch Records et venait de sortir un clip officiel pour leur nouveau single nommé "It's Killing Me". Messages du groupe et vidéo à voir dans le post complet. RIP.

Message du chanteur Sam Kubrick sur Facebook : 
"There is no easy way to say this.

"Last night, George Christie took his own life. He was the most empathetic, kind and generous person I’ve ever met in my life and I was lucky to call him one of my best friends, fellow band member and room mate.

"I’ve tried to contact as many of you personally as possible that I felt needed a phone call rather then learning about this tragedy via a facebook post, but everyone needs to find out eventually."

"I don’t want to disclose any more information about his passing out of respect for his family, please don’t ask. Those who need to know, know."

Dans un message séparé, le bassiste Lawrence Welling a déclaré :

"Here's to my friend George ❤️ My stage right brother, the guy who pulled me from the darkness in my own mind countless times whilst on tour and at home, who could take one look at you and know if you were ok or not, the guy who I'd share a smirk with as we stepped on each other's toes whilst rocking out, the guy who cooked kick ass eggs.

"To do these things for so many people whilst battling his own demons without doubt makes him one of the bravest people I've ever known.

"He didn't care about being famous or being a rockstar, he cared about precision, quality of work, and the people around him.

"He wasn't always great with words but he created art that would speak for him and anything left unsaid was always delivered in the love and respect he gave everyone.

"Im grateful for the opportunity to tour Europe with him so many times and I'm confident he knew we all loved him.

"I am absolutely heartbroken, I don't want to speak for the others but thanks for all the support in this it means a lot. ❤️ "

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Bob a dit…

C'est quand même hallucinant de constater à quel point la créativité artistique peut être lié à un mal être intérieur ... Je ne connais pas ce groupe ni ce guitariste, peut être que les drogues et/ou l'alcool ont largement contribué à son suicide mais quand même ... tout ça (l'Art, la créativité, les drogues, l'alcool, la dépression, le mal-être, le suicide ...) me parait très lié et c'est triste.