mercredi 19 juillet 2017

Old Wounds : un membre en moins !

Nouveau groupe de line-up chez les hardcoreux américains d'Old Wounds. Brandon Gallagher, le batteur originel devenu chanteur suite au départ de Kevin Iavaroni en 2016, a décidé de quitter le navire. Ce dernier préfère se focaliser sur Funeral Fires dans lequel il joue de la basse (et d'autres projets) et son message est à lire dans la suite.

“Without getting into too much detail, it’s time I reveal that I’ve stepped away from Old Wounds. I started the band in 2010 with the intention of traveling, meeting a bunch of rad people, and creating art that I was stoked to represent and even stand up and fight for. I’m incredibly proud of everything that I contributed to get the band to where it is now.

Unfortunately, if you can’t see the vision moving forward, it’s hard to continue to create in that setting, and that’s exactly how I feel. I’m working on a couple new bands that should be seeing the light sooner than later. I’m playing bass in a band called Funeral Fires and we just finished tracking an LP that will probably be out later this year.

My good friend Ryan is flying in tomorrow to collab on a heavy band, that I’ll be doing vocals and playing drums in. No time frame on that, but you’ll be hearing about it sooner than later I’m sure. I’m still heavily involved in doing PR with my company The Chain, and I’m still going to be doing graphic design for bands and projects a like.

To all my friends that I’ve met during this time, hit Brooklyn or NYC on your tour and I’ll tell you what went down over a slice of pizza. Love you all.”

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