mardi 10 janvier 2017

Traitors : le chanteur quitte le navire !

Les deathcoreux américains de Traitors (pour fans d'Oceano, Job For A Cowboy...) ont sorti leur nouvel album, Mental State, le 7 octobre dernier. Le chanteur Tyler Shelton a décidé de quitter le groupe à cause de plusieurs désaccrods (dans sa vie et avec ses désormais ex-collègues), notamment le fait de ne pas aimer partier en tournées. Son message est à lire dans la suite du post.

“I have left Traitors. There’s so much to say but its all jumbled up in my head. I’m sure more will come clear when the time comes. This is very unfortunate and has been one of the toughest decisions of my entire life. I love the fans, I love you all with all my heart. You guys have humbled me more than anything that’s ever been in my life and I will always be thankful for you all. Please, understand that I didn’t want to leave because YOU guys are so insanely sweet and supportive, but there is a lot going on in my life and with Traitors that I just dont agree with, and just doesn’t feel right to me.

I am moving on in my life. Music will always be a part of me. Another huge reason is that, touring is just not for me. It’s extremely mentally tolling. I am a simple man. I am a family man. I love my family, my friends, they mean the world to me. I love to be around them and grow with them. Whenever I leave home the seperation anxiety is EXTREME. I want to grow where I am. I’m 24 and still don’t have it together. This may be the end for me in Traitors, this may be the end of me touring, but music will always be apart of me. I have alot in my head I wasn’t able to get out because of the direction Traitors took. And eventually you guys will hear that EP style shit I was so proud of.

As for touring, I am done. It is for some people. It is not for me. I love you guys so much, I can’t believe i’m here typing this. But I need to be happy again. I need to feel complete again. This isn’t the end. I’m right fuckin’ here. Thank you all for the absolutely overwhelming experiences.


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