mercredi 11 janvier 2017

Traitors : c'est fini !

Les deathcoreux américains de Traitors (pour fans d'Oceano, Job For A Cowboy...) ont sorti leur nouvel album, Mental State, le 7 octobre dernier. Après le départ en début de cette semaine du chanteur Tyler Shelton, le reste du groupe vient d'annoncer sa fin... Message officiel à lire dans la suite du post.

“The post that eventually comes from every band. We are sad to say bt we will be laying Traitors down to rest. These last 3 years have been amazing as a band. Meeting so many new fans, traveling countless times around the U.S with bands we looked up to growing up, we have lived & learned so much along the way. We want to walk away from this experience showing every person out there that you can do it.

Learn to play an instrument, start/join a band, book a tour & just do it. We all will keep growing, living & learning. It’s time we put this down & start the next chapters of our life. Thank you all once again. Unfortunately all tours are cancelled as of now, bt are in talks of a farewell tour for all the fans just one more time with Tyler on vocals. We have stocked our merch site again with final popular merch designs for the last time for fans to grab.

Once again, thank you all for the endless support. R.I.P 2013-2017″

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