mercredi 7 décembre 2016

Old Wounds : le chanteur en moins !

Kevin Iavaroni, chanteur des hardcoreux américains d'Old Wounds, a décidé de quitter son poste pour se consacrer à son métier de barbier. Le groupe devra trouver un remplaçant pour honorer les prochaines dates de sa tournée, Le message du frontman est à lire dans la suite.

A time and place, and a million friendships. I'm sure some have heard that my time singing for old wounds is coming to an end. Nothing is sacred, and nothing lasts forever. I've decided it's my time to leave the group and focus on my career as a barber. I'm not giving up on punk and hardcore, I've got a few things in the works that can hopefully take shape soon and 100 things I still have to say. Thanks to all the bands that have shared the stage with us and I've grown to love.Thanks to anyone who has supported us while my version of the band existed. Thanks to anyone who put us up and gave us a place to stay. Thanks to anyone who permanently carved lyrics I wrote into there bodies. Thanks to anyone who came to a show and supported us in anyway. Honorable mention to Dave Kent, Don and Larry for putting up with with our bullshit and giving up your lives for however long to road dog with us. I will NOT be playing any last shows, and will NOT be doing any of the January shows. See you in the funny papers.
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