jeudi 21 janvier 2016

Rivers Of Nihil : nouveau batteur / vidéo playtrough de batterie sur le titre Perpetual Growth Machine

Les death-metalleux américains de Rivers Of Nihil ont sorti leur nouvel album nommé Monarchy, le 21 août dernier via Metal Blade Records. Alan Balamut quitte (amicalement) son poste de batteur et est remplacé par Dylan Potts. Le nouveau frappeur se présente avec une vidéo playthrough de batterie sur le titre "Perpetual Growth Machine" qui est à voir dans la suite.

"Hey everyone. I’m sure many of you already know and some may not but I have decided to part ways with Rivers of Nihil a few months ago in good terms. The reason is simply that I need to financially situate myself (NYC isn’t easy) and my urge to finish school in Music Production. I found Dylan Potts just before my departure and I believe he fits in and performs with the band in phenomenal ways.
The whole ride was an amazing and unforgettable experience and I have nothing but respect for each member, former member, our manager, all the people I've met and Metal Blade Records.
In the meantime I'll be doing session work and other music productions, and I'll be more open for touring after I finish school in 2016-- and if Rivers ever need any assistance, I'll be right there for them. I wish the band all the success for next year and beyond!"

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