samedi 21 septembre 2013

Reggie and The Full Effect : date, artwork et tracklist du nouvel album

Reggie and The Full Effect (projet solo de James Dewees, ex-Get Up Kids) sortira son nouvel album No Country For Old Musicians chez Pure Noise le 19 novembre prochain. De nombreux guests (Adam Lazzara, Frank Iero, Ray Toro, etc.) seront de la partie. Artwork et tracklist disponibles dans le post complet.

1. Introduction
2. Super croc vs mega doosh
3. 37
4. Fowlin’ around
5. Revenge is a dish best served at Park Chan-Wook’s
6. Guerrera
7. Gimme back my leg
8. Robo fonzie meets frank
9. Who needs another drank feat- floppy disk-0
10. A funny thing happened on the way to Ralph’s
11. Sundae, booty sundae, feat- fluxuation
12. Kanji tattoos still in style
13. We make a breakfast
14. To the fruit wizards of donnington
15. DMV featuring common denominator
16. Disregard
17. Danka shane

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