mardi 7 mai 2013

Angels And Airvawes : 7 titres de prêts pour le nouvel album

Dans une récente interview par The Gunz Show d'Ilan Rubin, le batteur d'Angels And Airwaves, ce dernier a déclaré que le groupe avait 7 titres de prêts pour un nouvel album. Un extrait de cette interview est à lire dans la suite.

"Gunz: Any word on Angels? Any new music? Is Delonge being Delonge? 

Ilan Rubin: Here’s what I’ll say, there are no details or anything set in stone. But I actually was with Tom a few days ago and earlier this year we wrote quite a bit of music, 7 songs. More than half an album worth of material… He’s been busy doing, who knows what he’s doing 

Gunz: Cuz he’s Tom.

"Ilan: He’s Delonging it. He’s got a lot going on. but I’m sure we’ll reconvene a few more times and once we get an albums worth of material we’ll kind of sift thru it and see what’s a keeper. Like I said the musics there and it will continued to be recorded but it’s in a very free state right now. 

Gunz: Kind of like his mind (laughter) 

Ilan: Haha, exactly. The songs are in spaceships right now and we’re waiting for them to drop back down."

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