mardi 15 février 2011

Rust Belt Lights : un split avec I Call Fives

Rust Belt Lights va sortir un split avec les pop-punkeux de I Call Fives. Artwork et communiqué de presse du 7" à voir dans le post complet. Une date de sortie est fixée au 5 avril.  

"Two of today’s hardest working pop punk bands, I Call Fives and Rust Belt Lights, have merged together to release a split 7-inch on Broken Rim Records. The split will feature two new songs from each band. Sticking to the bands’ traditional style of song writing, but with a more energetic sound, the new songs have much to offer. The 7-inch will be available on limited colors through the Broken Rim Records webstore. All orders of the record include a free digital download of the songs, which will be emailed to you by the release date. A digital copy can be purchased at all digital outlets. Pre-orders go live March 15th, all orders will ship no later than April 5th.

I Call Fives had this to say about the upcoming split “I'm excited for the split, Rust Belt Lights is an awesome band we've played with a bunch before and we'll be spending a month on tour with them late this winter. Our two songs on the split are definitely more upbeat and a little more straight forward than some of our older stuff.

Rust Belt Lights had this to say: "Our friendship with I Call Fives came about very quickly and the pieces just sort of fell into place with the split and our upcoming tour together. We can't wait to get into some trouble with those dudes. We pumped these songs out pretty quickly in between tours, which as a result have given them a really awesome, straight to the point, no bullshit punk rock sound."

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