samedi 1 janvier 2011

The Republic Of Wolves : EP en téléchargement presque gratuit

The Republic Of Wolves a mis son nouvel EP, The Cartographer, en téléchargement quasiment gratuit sur Bandcamp : le minimum à payer est de 50 centimes de dollars (mais vous pouvez aussi payer plus si vous le souhaitez). Message du groupe dans le post complet.

To all our fans and friends: Our second EP, The Cartographer, is now available for purchase. As a gesture of our appreciation for your love and support, we're going to be letting you all decide what you'd like to pay for the EP. You can buy it now directly from us through our bandcamp page, and the price is totally up to you (as long as it's at least 50 cents!). It'll be on iTunes and Amazon within the next couple of days as well, for a fixed price. We can't thank you all enough for your support, and no matter how much you decide to pay for this EP we appreciate every purchase. Happy new year!

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